Thursday, May 20, 2010

T Minus 9 Days

The Burn 24 Hour will soon be upon me.  Coach has gotten my body dialed in.  Last weekend I went over to the course in Wilkesboro and did an 8 hour dress rehearsal.  10 laps later, I was feeling great and confident that I could reach my goal of 25-30 laps.  Amazing what I can do if I just listen to my coach and keep the power in L2, unlike the previous 8 hour test I did at Raccoon Mountain.

Stumpy ('08 SJ) will be my primary bike.  With the extra inch of travel and relaxed geometry, this bike will keep me as comfortable as one can be racing for 24 hours.  I rode her last weekend and was pleasantly surprised at how well my body felt afterward.

The cockpit has all the necessary items.  A picture of Carly to keep me going when the going gets tough.  I will be racing with the PowerTap as this is my "security blanket."  And it will keep me honest.  Yeah, it is a bit heavier, but I will gladly take the weight penalty. The hardest part will be watching everyone ride away on those first couple laps.

The Ergon GR2 Leichtbau carbon grips will keep my hands happy.  The bar ends I will use not for "out of the saddle" mashing, but for additional hand positions.

Indy ('09 Era) will be on deck.  She will get her chance at a few laps when Stumpy needs a little TLC or lights fitted for the night.  Don't get me wrong; I love this bike.  But for me, it is more suited for XC or short endurance events.

Crash ('06 Epic)  will be on stand-by.  Hopefully, Ol' Faithful will not be needed.

With regards to my fundraiser, I still have a ways to go to reach my goal.  Pledges are continuing to come in, albeit a bit slower.  Thanks to my sponsors (The Outdoor Store, Chamois Butt'r, and Ergon), I am going to have a little on-site contest to try to raise a little more money for City Park and Ingleside schools.  For a minimum $10 donation, you can guess the number of miles I will complete in 24 hours.  The closest will win a bag of schwag.  So please stop by my tent Friday and Saturday (up until 5pm race day) and take your best guess!


John said...

Carey, great ride at Burn. I did the solo ss race and my hands were BEAT and blistered when I was done. How were yours with the Ergons?

Carey Lowery said...


My hands never hurt during the race. Afterwards, when I pulled my gloves off, I had a few small minor blisters. Later that night my palms ached a bit. On Monday, they were as good as new! Ergons Rock!!!! I rode with the GR2's(with bar ends).

Congrats on your finish!