Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ingleside Elementary School Mountain Bike Presentation

When you love what you are talking about and you care about the audience, it is amazing how easy it is.  That is coming from one who used to have horrible GI issues prior to giving speeches.  I think the kids were pretty excited today and most seemed to be paying attention.  Zeke, Bruce, and I had the kids rotate through several show-and-tell stations after I gave an opening presentation.  Coach Davis did an awesome job making sure the groups moved quickly and smoothly through.  We began promptly at 9am and ended right at 10:55am, so we did not interfere with the lunchroom schedule.

I talked about the importance of exercise and nutrition.  Zeke discussed 24 hour racing and how the boys need to properly treat and respect the girls.  I even think he mentioned a paddle.  Bruce talked about bikes and safety.  Coach Davis manned the fourth station which showed a DVD of the 2009 TransRockies.  Amazingly, the kids got into that and did not want to leave when their time was up.

The funniest question/discussion was with an 8 year old girl.  It went like this:
  • Girl:  How old are you?
  • Me:  41
  • Girl:  Oh my God, you are older that my mamaw! (Southern for grandmother).
  • Me:  Really?
  • Girl:  No offense.
  • Me:  None taken.  (This whole time I was doing the math.)
The hardest question to answer:  Do you like being a veterinarian or a mountain bike racer?  I took Carly's way out and said both.  And of course there were the usual ones.  How many broken bones?  How many bikes do you have?  What is the furthest you raced?

If I was able to reach just a small percentage of these kids, my mission is accomplished.  Hopefully, the next time one goes grocery shopping with their Mom, he/she will say, "You know Mom, the healthiest food is on the perimeter of the store."  Or, "Dad, please come outside and play with me.  Dr. Lowery says I need at least 60 minutes of outdoor activity per day."  Or, "Pass the broccoli please."

I will be going to City Park next week.  In the meantime, I need to pound the pavement pretty hard as I am still well short of my monetary goal.

In other news, I did get the Specialized grant for some bikes, helmets, and gloves to give as prizes for the Guess How Miles I Will Ride in 24 Hours contest.  Thanks to the gracious donations from Citizen's National Bank, Athens Federal Bank, Southeast United Bank, and Jackson and Runyan C.P.A.'s, I will be able to purchase the remainder of the prizes needed.  Thank you everyone!

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