Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Catching My Breath

Wow!  This past month has been a whirlwind of activity.  Here is a synopsis of my acitivity.

I am almost 6 weeks post Morton's Neuroma surgery on my left foot.  Walking barefoot is almost completely bearable; every now and then I get a little electrical jolt if I slam it down too hard.  I think it will still be a while before I am back to running and doing jumping jacks on the hard wood floors.  But ... I can ride the trails again!

No nerve pain, but soft tissues still healing.

A couple weeks ago I participated in Mulberry Gap's Turkey Shuffle.  After 4 hours of riding trail and gravel, my feet were happy and I even won a raffle!  I got a cool little item from Topeak!

Only 48 grams and small enough to stuff in a hydration pack.

Last month my Avalanche got really really sick  (the transmission died).  After a heart-breaking mind- wrenching session with Charlie (and an all-day head-to-head battle with the dealership), we traded her in for this:

Lil' A

No, we are not rich, just back in the land of monthly payments and working an extra shift or two per month.  But with a 5-Star crash rating and close to twice the fuel economy, it is worth it.

Finally, I am not just gluten intolerant, I have celiac disease.  It has taken me almost 2 1/2 years to determine the cause of my ill health and confirm it.   It sucks!  But at least I know now.  And I can take the necessary steps to avoid getting sick.  I even happen to be in the 10% of celiacs that cannot tolerate oatmeal.  Avenin, the protein in oatmeal, is very similar molecularly to gluten, and unfortunately my immune system sees it as gluten.  Only took me 9 months to figure that one out!

The only good thing that has come out of this is that I have one of the best diets ever!  Lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and chocolate!   I am staying the heck away from restaurants and most processed foods.  That being said, it does make it difficult to eat away from home.  I basically have to pack all my food with me ... and the stuff to cook it with when I go on my mountain bike adventures and vacation. 

I have been enjoying laying down a base for next year.  Long rides and Core Performance, baby!  This Tennessee weather has me longing for this.  It is not even winter yet and I am so over the cold and wet and cycling layers and hand/foot warmers and Reynaud's rearing its ugly head!