Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Her' Chamois Butt'r

Last week I received the newest in the line of Chamois Butt'r products, a formula designed just for women.

It is different than Chamois Butt'r in that it contains aloe vera, green tea leaf extract, tea tree oil, shea butter, and lavender oil.  It is also pH balanced for women.  I have used it on 4 training rides of about 2 hours each.  Riding conditons have been dry with temps in the mid-80's.  I must say that it is as good as the Eurostyle that I also use.

The one thing that I REALLY like about this product, which doesn't have anything to do with its performance, is its fragrance.  It brings back fond memories of my daughter at an early age.  Her Chamois Butt'r smells just like Johnson's Baby Lotion.  By the way, the fragrance is all natural.

I am looking forward to challenging the product's durability in a little over a week when I head to Idaho for 10 days of epic riding, finishing with the Marathon Nationals in Ketchum.  If it is anything like its counterparts,  my nether regions will be happy, happy, happy!

Hit me up for some, if you see me out on the trail!