Sunday, December 29, 2013

Chamois Butt'r's Little Brother and Sister

Everyone knows about world's best chamois cream, but Paceline Products and the Chamois Butt'r line also have a couple other good products as well.  After a solid year of putting them through the works, I can now lavish them with some words of praise.

The Sports Wash is a great addition to the post ride/race clean up protocol.  No water around?  Needing to remove the embrocation?  No worries, just spray liberally to skin and wipe off with a rag or paper towel. With Sports Wash, you have no excuse climbing aboard the podium a dirty mess. It works extremely well at removing embrocation, COMPLETELY, so that you don't have that intense burning sensation on your legs, ALL ... THE ... WAY ... HOME.

Sports Wash contains green tea extract, aloe vera gel, and peppermint. It has a nice fragrance and is non irritating on intact skin.  I would caution its use if you have any road rash or open wounds.

Sports Kit Wash is the go-to cleaner for your high end cycling kits or swimsuits.  It is recommended for handwashing your items, but I have also used it in my washing machine on the delicate cycle.  It does a nice job of removing any Chamois Butt'r residue.  I have also used it as a pre wash, soaking my dirty kits in it, when I didn't have the opportunity of washing them immediately post ride/race.  It won't get heavy mud (think red clay) stains out.  For that, I recommend Progold Degreaser + Wash!  Where I have really noticed its effectiveness is with my swimsuit.  Frequent washing with it has increased the life of my suit; no more "saggy bottom" after a season's use.

So, there you go.  Two more awesome "Made in the USA" products by Paceline Products!