Sunday, August 16, 2009

That's Racing

As I sit in my hotel in Calgary reflecting upon perhaps the hardest race of my life, I am exhausted, frustrated, and determined.

Exhausted after racing 540 km, with approximately 425 km being wet, muddy, and bitterly cold.

Frustrated that our lead on Day 1 came to an abrupt end after Zeke took a digger on a wicked steep singletrack descent. That fall, followed by a 1.5 km hike-a-bike down an avalanche chute, finished his left knee off.

Determined that after 40 hours of racing in some of the most miserable conditions, my fitness will be at an all-time high for the Shenandoah 100.

I want to thank my parents, Mom and the "Bike-Dougster" for enduring some of the worst camping conditions. They took down and put up our campsite, in the rain, wind, and 40 degree temps each and every day. Doug spent 1-2 hours each day, washing and preparing our bikes for another grueling stage. Mom had hot coffee and sandwiches waiting for us at the end of each stage. And while Zeke and I slept in the van, they slept on the cold, wet ground.

After our competition put another 50 minutes on us on Day 2, the race for me turned more into a training ride. The bright side of this was that I was able to take more on the trail pictures.

When I get back home and after hugging my husband and daughter, cleaning all my wet and musty gear, taking 2 bikes to Bruce to be overhauled, I will post stage reports and pictures.

Until then ...

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Urs said...

I am always upset to hear when someone has knee problems. Get well soon Zeke!

Carey, you raise a good question: Should one treat the Transrockies as a race or just as well organised bike trip making friends, taking in the landscape, etc.???