Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Can't Complain

After yesterday's training on the road in cold, blustery conditions, I was very thankful for the off-road relaxed ride with Zeke and Linda. Today called for 3 hours, keeping the HR in zone 2. No problems there, as I was feeling the intervals from the day before.
Zeke was finally able to coax Linda into riding with us. She has also just recently started training with a PowerTap, so it was exciting to talk to her about numbers. Her background has been in ultra trail running, but currently she is a bad lass in adventure racing. Today she told me that cycling has overtaken running as her favorite sport.
After watching her perform today, I hope I can continue to ride/race as she has been doing for many years. She is amazing and an inspiration. I don't know anybody else her age that can do what she can. I want to be able to maintain like her so that I can explore the country/world with my daughter when she is an adult.
Today also brought back memories of an exciting childhood. The fireroad ride took us to the Lost Creek Campground which is where my Dad took us by car when my brothers and I were just kids. I remember the time Dad decided to take Muffin and Kavik, our two Eskimo Spitz', with us. The dogs were so excited to be going with us, but also very nervous because it was a car ride. By the time we got to the highway turn-off to the fireroad (30 minutes), the dogs were driving him crazy. And I also think Dad was afraid one might vomit. So he let them out once we hit the fireroad and made them run ALL THE WAY to the campground ... 6 miles!
Yes, Dad went pretty slow (10mph), and we kids kept an eye on them through the back window. With tongues hanging out and little paws churning up the dust, Muffin and Kavik made it without incident. Upon arrival, they immediately layed down in the creek and did not move much ... for awhile. But then they came around and we had a blast jumping off rocks (dogs, too!)into deep pools, swimming, and doing the things all kids do when playing in creeks. Needless to say, the dogs were on best behavior for the ride home. Good times!
And today will be etched in my memory as another good time ... with good friends.

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Danielle Musto said...

Hi Zeke!

Did you warn him that I'm coming down for a visit??? :-)