Friday, January 16, 2009

22.2 Pounds

Big sis has arrived! Man, I am excited to ride her. Poor Pinky, however. She is lying in the basement in pieces. I stole some lighter weight parts off her to put on the Era. No, I have not named her yet. Names usually come to me on the trail.

The first addition was to put a pic of Carly on her. This, I think, gives me more inspiration to suffer than being 2 pounds lighter than Crash.

I am still waiting on the Magura SL Mag's to arrive, so for now I guess I will see how the Avids handle. Amazingly, the Roval's are just 200 grams heavier than my Stan's/DTSwiss 190's so it looks like I will have 2 light wheelsets that I can mount different tires on and have both race ready rather than making that last minute decision of which tires to mount.

My first ride on her will be at the Whitewater Center, a trail I am so familiar with I will be able to tell any small or large differences in performance.


Lisa said...

Whatever you do...DO NOT put one of those Specialized plastic
bottle cages on your bike. I put one on mine and there is so little room in the main triangle that I have to stop and wrestle with it each time I take a drink!

I named mine Sex on Wheels...

Unknown said...

Wow Carey...that thing looks great!

Danielle Musto said...


Unknown said...

22.2 lbs? really???

Carey Lowery said...

Yes, Krista, she was weighed on the Ultimate Alpine digital scale.