Friday, November 1, 2013

Sponsor Highlight: Cane Creek

Whenever we get a new bike, it is always the wheels, suspension, cranks, brakes, etc. that gets talked about.  No one ever mentions the poor little headset.  This little beast of burden takes alot of torture:  it is in a direct line of fire from everything that gets thrown off the front wheel and are subject to regular jet wash abuse.

Cane Creek invented the threadless head set.

I have been a Cane Creek user since the beginning of my weekend warrior bike racing passion.  My shop told me Cane Creek is the best, this is what I need, and I said o.k.  As the years have gone by, I have seen it first hand:  I would buy a complete bike with a non Cane Creek headset, and within a few months, I would have to replace it ... with a Cane Creek.

The quality is immeasurable, the warranty is unbelievable, and the feel is buttery smooth.  Yep, the bearings do need replacement, but with much less frequency than the other brand I have used.  The company is located in Fletcher, NC

Proof I have them on my other bikes, too.

I am very thankful that Cane Creek is on board for all my head set needs in 2014.  I am using the 110 series in my Cysco single speed and "soon to be" CX gravel grinder.

Cane Creek's engineers were tasked with developing a no-compromise, best-in-class premium headset.  With the introduction of our 110-Series, they did just that — choosing optimal materials, engineering the most effective internals and designing the best aesthetics available in a headset.
The 110-Series offers the widest array of configurations available in a premium headset. With the flexibility to purchase complete assemblies or separate Tops and Bottoms, the 110-Series offers a premium solution for nearly all straight and tapered configurations on the market today. From Integrated (IS) Tops to External Cup (EC) Conversion Bottoms and everything in between, you can mix and match your headset purchase to best meet your needs.
Cane Creek ensures that whatever your headset requirement, we have a premium solution for you, backed by our 110-year warranty. 

Nevermind the 110 year warranty,  you can get them in super cool colors:  blue, red, silver, and black.

I chose silver.

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