Friday, September 11, 2009

It is Not Always About Me

On Labor Day weekend, friends of ours lost their son in a tragic boating accident. What made it even more heartwrenching was that it took the rescue squad 3 1/2 days to find the body. Tomorrow at noon, services will be held for Santiago.

Carly and I had planned to go on an organized road ride with my Dad and aunt. However, upon hearing news of Santee's memorial services, I knew we would not be able. I was worried how Carly would take it, as she loves these types of rides. Selflessly, my 7 year old replied, "Mommy, we need to be there for the family. We can do a trail-a-bike ride any time."

Now, we are not real close with the Snellgrose's. We might even be more of acquaintances. We met them through the Outdoor Store and have hung out with them through Outdoor Store and Ducks Unlimited activities. But this wonderful family needs our support, no matter how small of a part we may have played in their lives. What they are going through is unfathomable.

In tribute, members of the Outdoor Store's first mountain bike team are going to wear our retro jerseys (like the one pictured above) and pedal our way together from the store to where Santiago's service will be held. I have not worn this jersey since 1999, but have it stored away. I never thought I would wear it again, but kept it as a momento. Now IS the time to wear it in honor of Santiago.

We love you Santiago.

May your spirit live on in those you touched!

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