Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fowl Play and Swine Flew

I have been riding the Rich Mountain trail for years.Monday I did the Stanly Gap section.Upon arriving at my truck I realized something was missed.The rooster!Yes the rooster.For whatever reason a rooster has been living on this trail.He would attack you on the way down the single track.He jumped on Sam Curlee's helmet two years ago.Of course on these technical trails the rooster is way faster than us so the guy has a big advantage.And yes it is a rooster,not a quail,pheasant or grouse!It must have escaped or was chased off by the hens and like myself lived in solitude.We have many wild things up here;hogs,bear,bob cats,coyote,wolf and panthers.But a rooster is most strange. > Over the years I have met other birds on the trail.I was riding in Stanley,Idaho and ran into a tall bird.The thing was at least the height of my son(6'6").Man I thought the 60's were catching up on me!But sure nuff it was a dang big bird.It would not get off the trail and I was forced to ride behind it.Gee I hoped a ranger or PETA person didn't see me cause they would have thought I was chasing it.Finally the thing got off the Fisher Trail and I was free.Fifteen miles later I saw why the bird did not want to leave me,a big cougar!Way too much wild life for this ole boy!The locals told me the big bird was a Sand Crane. > In 05 I was racing the NMBS marathon in Waco Texas,held on a huge ranch.Around the ten mile point I had to pass Long Horn Cattle but hey,this is Texas.BUT I was not expecting to be nose to beak with an ostrich!The neighboring rancher had them and they mingled with the cattle.Well this thing came running up to me and started pecking at my nose.Yes my nose is a big target!I had to swat the ostrich to make it leave me a lone. > My most humbling bird experience was a dang turkey right here in Hells Hollow.I was hiking a mile from my house when I saw a flock of turkeys.Big ole Mr.Tom attacked.Now a turkey's beak is the same height as my hips,so guess where Tom was leaning in to attack!Having had a V,I did not want to set on ice bags ever again!I riped off my hat a started slapping ole Tom on his head.I ran but he was faster!So I had to kick him.Great!He liked that!My only resort was to slug him,which worked. > Seems I have had more than my share of weird animal experiences:One day I was driving on I-285 around Atlanta when traffic jammed up.Ha,nothing new.Inching my way north I spied an eighteen wheeler on it's side,nothing new either.BUT what was new was,pigs!Pigs all over the road;some dead others running.Those Swine Flew all over the place!---- GOD speed-- Zeke.

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