Monday, October 20, 2008

Sorella Hookey Day

Last Thursday, I went down to Mulberry Gap and caught up with a bunch of great women. We had a casual ride on Bear Creek and Pinhoti 1, 2, and 3. Weather was good, trails in top shape, company was fantastic, and of course the post-ride meal was awesome.

I got to hang with the likes of Krista, Loretta, and Aimee and also got to meet the authors of some of the blogs I have read: Chris, Bridgette, and Chocolate Girl (whose name MUST be kept secret). Riding with the girls is just SO MUCH FUN.

The smell of autumn was in the air and the crinkle, crackle of wheels on fallen leaves was music to my ears. It was good to soft pedal up the climbs and peg the downhills. I was given instructions today to have an easy to moderate ride and practice skills ... so I did. What a blast!

Chocolate girl wow'd us with her trackstanding skills and blazing downhill speed. If you ever decide to hold a skills camp, sign me up!

Gale did take quite a spill on a whoop-dee-doo on the Pinhoti. I do hope that she is recovering well.

The post-ride meal consisted of vegetable soup, homemade hummus, and chicken salad. Thank you, once again, Ginni.

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Anonymous said...

I had a blast. So glad you could make it. We'll have to do this again on one of your rest weeks. ;)