Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Mother's Pride

Most of you who read my entries know that I am not boastful about my results or accomplishments. (At least I think I am not.) I just lay out the facts and let you be the judge.

Well, I may have to boast a little ... but it is not about me. Earlier this week, we met with Mrs. Johnson for a parent-teacher conference. She blew our socks off when she said that Carly was doing exceptionally well and had already mastered her sight word list ... for the whole year. Mrs. Johnson said that Carly is reading on the 3rd-4th grade level and her comprehension is on the 3rd grade level.

She is going to place Carly in the Advanced Reading program and that it will be a challenge to keep her from getting bored the rest of the year. But it is a challenge she will relish.

I say these things because it makes me so proud to have her as my daughter. I have never pushed her to do anything, only encouraged and praised her for what she wanted to do and for what she has done. I have never, in her presence, compared her to others, for I believe that competition at this level (1st grade) is only counter-productive.

She loves to read and Mrs. Johnson says she is helping some of her classmates to read as well. I am happy to see her excelling in school and I hope that this continues up into her college years.

Now, the only question is, how do I get Carly to gravitate some of this love of learning over to the bike!

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Chris, Brigette and Norah Dusack said...

Advanced Reading program, WOW! What great news! Thanks for sharing, what a sweetie she is. Little girls are the best!