Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What Color Should Zeke Get?

After much contemplation over the past month, I am pretty sure Zeke is going to trade in his Ford pickup for a Ford Edge. It does make sense as he is a family of one and Big Red likes to guzzle the gas.

So he called me up today to get my input on the color. Well, it is no surprise that little 'ol me from Tennessee would choose the Blazing Copper, aka orange! Other reasons include: easier for stupid drivers to spot, hides dirt well, and would look good with a House Divided novelty plate on the front (Tn/Ga).

What about the other colors?

Creme Brulee: need I say more? Zeke likes women.

Black: would look great with a big Specialized "S" on the rear gate or side, another good color for the House Divided novelty plate.

Light Ice Blue: once again, just too feminine.

Pacific Ink Blue: would look great with Specialized D4W graphics.

Vapor Silver: looks too military

Red Fire: Nope, not THE GEORGIA BULLDOG red.

White Sand: easy to see and keep clean, just not sure Zeke is a white kind of guy.

So let me know what color Zeke would look good in.


cathi said...

Gator Orange! Yeah! good stuff.

um, did Ford really name a color Creme Brulee? that's just sad.

Danielle Musto said...

I vote for black!!!

Unknown said...

It's a toss up between the orange and the blue. Appears my in-laws Gator love has infested me. Yikes!

Reenie said...

Definitely orange. Though I hear Creme Brulee is the new pink...

CorporateHippy said...

I say, either Blazin Orange for the Dark blue color - either one is pretty darn sharp :)

Namrita O'Dea said...

orange or blue., i'm not a gator fan!

allan said...

Bama crimson!!!!

Tom said...

Another vote for black - It's like the color of mud between slippery rocks.