Friday, January 2, 2015

Second Edition of Whole 30 Completed

So I started my second Whole 30 the day after Thanksgiving.  It turned out to be a Whole 26, 2 days off, followed by a Whole 4.  I decided this after I not having any diet changing experiences this go around.  I previously mentioned I had been having some mild GI issues, fatigue, and insomnia.  During this second run, I eliminated sugar,  Stevia, carageenan, and guar gum, hoping that perhaps one of them was a trigger for my issues.  (I have been grain, dairy, alcohol, and legume free for 2 years).

I waited until I was in my third week to see if any of the symptoms would subside, but they did not.  I still kept on the plan, but added 500mg of Magnesium which I would take around 6-7 pm.  After about a week, I noticed improvement in both my gut motility and sleep pattern.  Magnesium is known for its ability to aid in digestion, natural laxative properties, and has a calmning effect.

Although a magnesium defiency can lead to fatigue, I did NOT notice any improvement to my fatigue levels.  I am hopeful that with continued improvement in my sleep, my level of fatigue will improve.

What I did notice the most and perhaps to a larger degree (as opposed to my first Whole 30) was fatigue on the bike.  Even though I was eating enough calories in the form of bananas, dates, and sweet potatoes, I had the endurance, but not the upper end power.

So, with Christmas approaching and my need to feel better on the bike, I shortened my Whole 30.  The first ride with sugar in my body was December 26 and my legs were back!  That ride was invigorating.

The first food that I have added back is peanut butter.  I have had no issues.  Why not just stick with the true nut butters?  Because peanut butter is SO DARN GOOD!  And I really want to get my hands on the new peanut butter RX bar.  I will keep it in moderation and tend to rely more on almond butter and cashew butter in my baking.

For now, my intentions are to be Whole 30 compliant on my rest/recovery days and to consume sugar on my training/racing days.  The sugar monster has been contained, thus far!

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