Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whole 30 Reintroductions

The last few weeks I have been reintroducing a few types of foods to see if I would have any adverse reactions. Since I went through the Whole 30 program back in December 2012, my only non-Whole 30 food that I have reintroduced has been sugar.

I figured now would be a good time, before the race season really begins to heat up. It would be nice to know that if I was ever in a “food pinch,” I could tolerate a Cliff Bar, a pouch of Uncle Ben's rice, or a bag of tortilla chips. Well, after my experimentation, I am just royally screwed!

Not only has my body revolted against wheat, oats, and quinoa, but it has deemed corn, rice, and dairy unworthy of ingestion. The results are not as severe or long lasting as gluten, but they are there. It does seem to be dose dependent, whereas with the gluten, all it takes is a crumb.  

After the corn and rice, it took about 3-4 days to get back to normalcy.  The dairy was a different story.  I had 1 slice ... LESS THAN 1 OUNCE ... last Saturday, and I am still feeling the ill effects. Luckily it has not affected my wattage or my recovery.  I am just dealing with GI discomfort and the inability to take in my caloric requirements without feeling like I just cleaned out the buffet at Golden Corral.

It seems that my immune system gets a bit confused with the proteins found in grains and dairy.  Cross-reactivity is a condition where your body’s autoimmune antibodies mistake other food proteins for ones you can’t tolerate. Cross-reaction to other foods creates the same effect as though you consumed gluten.

Now what am I supposed to do with the 6 boxes of Chocolate Chex that I got on super duper special last fall?

And I REALLY loved this as a post-race snack!

My family keeps asking me to make my scrumptious shrimp 'n grits. That is like asking me to drive a group of friends to my favorite trail, but that I cannot ride with them. Well, they just might get their grits, but I am gonna have a lobster tail … and maybe a steak, too!

I suppose that the Tour Divide or even the TNGA is now totally out of the question.  Unless I carry a rifle to shoot a varmit for meat and take a survivalist course on what berries, roots, and leaves I could forage for.  Convenience stores and fast food restaurants are totally off limits to me now.

Having said all that, I am thankful (and blessed, perhaps?) that I am not allergic to what I truly love:  fish, meat, eggs, bacon, fruits, and veggies.  It is not so bad being allergic to garbage ... at least that is what I keep telling myself.  

And then I take a look in the mirror ... and smile.

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