Sunday, November 25, 2012

Not CYOA but Chamois Butter CMA

CMA = "Covered My Arse"

After 5000 miles and 550 hours in the saddle this season is finally finished.  Mountain bike racing rates right up there with NASCAR as far as the length of the season.  It all began with the January Snake Creek Gap TT and ended with the Chainbuster Finale at Oak Mountain last weekend.

Through it all, Chamois Butt'r has had my back, err ... butt.  Only 1 saddle sore and 1 case of chamois chafe. The saddle sore was during the Pisgah 111, an 8 hour race  and the chafing was at the Chainbuster Jack Rabbit, a 6 hour race.  I am not sure why the saddle sore, but the reason for the "chamois brand" was my fault.  I failed to apply and reapply adequately. My shorts had gotten muddy during the first 2 hours of the race.  When the course finally dried out, so did the mud in my shorts.  As a result, it was like wearing sand paper.

Although I have used both types of Butt'r, I prefer the Eurostyle over the regular.  It contains menthol and witch hazel.  The menthol has anti bacterial properties as well as a cooling effect I like.  The witch hazel is an astringent and contains antioxidants.  I believe these added ingredients are what is important in warding off saddle sores.

It is non greasy and easily washes out of my shorts.  As a result, my shorts last several seasons.  One added benefit I did not realize initially is that it keeps my white saddles shiny clean!

Chamois Butt'r is made in the USA.

Over the course of the year I went through 12 tubs of Butt'r.  The tubs are now being used to house medicinal wipes and bike parts.

Most of all, a huge shout out to Steve Matthews, owner of Paceline Products.  He always had the time to talk to me.  Talk about looking out for the little gal!

I still have individual packets available.  If you see me out on the trail, just ask and I will be happy to share!

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