Friday, November 21, 2008

Rock Climbing

After 3 days of threshold training on the road, I was rewarded with 3 hours of mountain biking bliss on The Snake. I did not care that it was 31 degrees and I could not see half the trail for the fallen leaves. I was happy that I was on dirt and rock and could control my own pace.
Zeke and I decided to get some practice on the techy rock-strewn section of the Pinhoti that we will be time-trialing come January. We did an out and back from Dug Gap. My legs felt pretty good, considering the block of training I had just finished.
If you have yet to check this race out, you need to. It is a point to point on some of the best trails North Georgia has to offer. It is one of my favorites:
I am just sorry I am going to miss out on the official pre-ride tomorrow. I wonder if Mr. Wheaties is going to be there.

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