Friday, April 11, 2008

Killer Dreams on Propoflo

Today I had minor outpatient surgery. Don't worry, I will be ready to rock-n-roll on the Cohutta in 8 days. Anyway, they sedated me heavily with a drug called Propoflo. I dreamed I was tearin' up a descent on Stumpy. Swoopy curves, big drops, you name it, I was railin' it. I actually use this sedative alot on my patients and now I know why they have that happy look when they wake up!

Thanks a bunch to Bonnie, Doug, Jackie and the rest of the staff at the Surgery Center of Athens. What a great job they did. They were kind, considerate, and caring. Thanks also to Dr. Cox. I cannot see the work he did (it is all bandaged up), but I am sure it looks good.

The experience I had today almost makes me want to find something else to be cut on.

Now I must go eat a rather large roast beef sandwich. I fasted for 24 hours and I am starving! Especially after getting 4 hours of training in yesterday.

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Danielle Musto said...

Can you bring some of that sedative down to Cohutta? I'm thinking a few drops in each of my water bottles and I will be smiling the whole time :-)

Glad the surgery went well. Give me a call on Thursday...maybe you and Zeke can meet us for Mexican food Thursday night :-)