Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cohutta Race Report, Part 2

So I was able to join a couple 29'er singlespeeders for this flat section. This allowed me to recover a bit before the last bit of climbing. Yes, singlespeeders! I was pooped on this section and could only pull away from them on the slight descents, but they would soon catch back up. So I just tucked in behind and rested. Once I turned right, I dug a little deeper and picked the pace back up on the climbs and then along the rolling sections. I passed by Aid Station 5 (Sorry, Huff!) and then put it in the granny to get up the last steep pitch climbing out of the Big Creek area. Around each corner I was hoping to get a glimpse of Cheryl, but no such luck.

I flew down the descent to the last aid station, where Linda and Teena helped me fill my water bottle. Once again they told me I was just 2 minutes behind Cheryl. I dropped off my Camelbak and then dropped down into West Fork Trail. Last year this was where I felt great, but today I was not feeling the singletrack love. I managed to maintain a steady pace and not do anything stupid. Once I finished up Quartz and Bypass, I felt a little better and hit Chestnut with all I had left. I was hoping there might be a replay of last year, but after floating down ThunderRock and with no sight of Cheryl, I took it easy into the finish.

I was happy with my place. I felt good all day and with my time being just 9 minutes slower than last year I feel confident that my fitness is up. Hats off to Cheryl for rockin' this course!

The True Grit Award goes to Danielle for continuing on for another 85 miles after kissing the bridge. Sorry I did not warn you.

Congratulations also goes to Aimee for a top 10 in her first 100 and Kim Moore for a solid finish.

Lisa had to graciously bow out after racing for 4 hours. She had a body mechanical; probably felt like trying to breathe through a straw. No worries; we will be strong for TransRockies.

Sorry I was unable to provide an exciting finish this year, but there are still a few hundies left. Perhaps Danielle and I can work on our choreography.

I guess what was really exciting this time was the number of women who competed. The turnout was awesome. Having a strong field will only make me a better racer.


Danielle Musto said...

I'm already working on my sprints!!!!

I know I already told you this a million times, but great job!!!

Bear & Aimee Murphy said...

Thank you for your kind words before and after the race. You inspire me.

I can't wait to read your next race report. You are a true champ!