Wednesday, November 28, 2007

If you cannot afford 'em, do not have 'em!

Venting is good, right? Get it out in the open and off your chest. Well, here goes.

Christmas is always a slow time at work for us. I can understand to a degree why people do not bring "Fifi" or "Tiny" in for their annual visit at this time of the year. But what absolutely kills me is when the reason for being unable to treat "Fido's" broken leg or "Cassie's" heartworm disease is because "We spent X amount of dollars on Christmas presents, the tree, and decorations and just don't have the money to spend."

What kind of logic is that? You would rather spend money on a toy(s) that your kid/husband is going to forget about in 6 weeks or a tree that becomes mulch in 3 weeks rather than save an animal's life?!? Now sure, some diseases and traumatic injuries are not fixable or may cost thousands of dollars and in that case, euthanasia is an option. But if you are unwilling to spend several hundred dollars on you pet, your companion, then you should not get one in the first place.

I hear this scenario day in day out every year at this time and it is so frustrating. Carly and I have a term for these people. Instead of idiots, MF'ers, or dumba$$, we call them "Jellyfish" or "Jellies" for short. Because, you see, jellyfish have no brain, and it is obvious that these type of people don't either. And "jelly" is a much more pleasant word to say around a 5 year old than the other options.

So if you cannot afford to properly take care of a pet, do NOT have them. That goes for children, too!


Unknown said...


My husband and I have had numerous special needs pets and we never moaned about a cent spent to make their lives more comfortable. Pets are, and should be, a part of your family, entitled to the same love and care you'd bestow upon any family member.

Namrita O'Dea said...

That is my biggest pet peeve ever. No animal deserves to be treated like that :(

Mark D. said...

"pet peeve""??LOL

Namrita O'Dea said...

i was wondering if anyone would get my unintentional pun :)

thanks, mark :)

Reenie said...

I hear ya! One of our (four)cats is the result of a couple of idiots who "couldn't afford" to have their boy/girl cats fixed, and we're currently dealing ($$$)with a 16-year old with kidney and heart disease. Worth every penny though.

Nice bumping into you at LaRuta!

Anonymous said...

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