Monday, November 5, 2007

A Child's Perspective

So Carly and I decided to take a bike ride through the country this weekend. While I was getting the Trail-A-Bike attached to my bike, I told her to get her cycling clothes on and find her helmet and gloves. Well, a few minutes later she comes running downstairs and tells me, "I can't get the lid off my water suitcase." This one stalled my thought processes, but just for a few seconds. The water suitcase was her Camelbak Skeeter. Having been a Mom for 5 years, I am pretty used to deciphering her phrases. This is one that will go in her memory book, right next to Old McDonald's (= McDonald's fast food restaurant).

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Danielle Musto said...

That's hilarious. I'm going to start calling my Wingnut that.

Hopefully the people at aid stations will know what I'm talking about when I say that my water suitcase needs to be filled :-)