Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christopher Bean Coffee

Translated to “flower garden”, Taman Dadar is an exceptional coffee grown organically by the small-time farmers in the volcanic soil and high altitudes of Ijen Plateau in Eastern Java. Apart from the organic farming techniques these farmers have mastered over the generations, they also employ a variety of practices that are typical in region such as inter-cropping, wet-hulling, the use of shade trees and natural fertilizers. Also, the farmers that grow the Taman Dadar are independent from the government thus oversee a small scale operation and are more concerned with quality than quantity. An impressive Java coffee packed with rich dark chocolate flavor and hints of herb and nutmeg that results to a steaming cup of syrupy, creamy, earthy goodness. 

Java Taman Dadar is just one of many roasts that Christopher Bean Coffee offers.

2016 marks my second year being sponsored by this artisan coffee roaster out of Florida.  CBC has been operating since 1996.  I love the fact that they roast to order so you know your coffee is fresh upon arrival and not been sitting on a store shelf for God knows how long.  I was hesitant, at first, to accept a sponsorship, as I had not tried their product.  I gave it a go, and was hooked instantly with the wonderful flavor, low acidity, and lack of bitterness ... even with their darkest roasts.

In addition to the variety of roasts, Christopher Bean Coffee also
  1. is cost comparable to big name coffees, i.e., Starbuck's, Peet's,, Seattle's Best, Dunkin Doughnuts
  2. autoship option (which comes with a 5% discount)
  3. Bean Bucks program (every dollar spent = 1 point.  100 points = $5 off future purchases)
  4. free shipping over $50
  5. money back guarantee

CBC also has special sales periodically.  With hundreds of offerings, a taste to your liking is sure to be found.  I enjoy trying out the new arrivals and have yet to be disappointed. 

In additon to coffee, they also sell tea, mugs, coffee grinders and brewers, and trucker hats!

If your passion is cycling (or not), I encourage you to give CBC a try.  Why not support a company that supports us?  Use Team25 and receive 25% off your first order.

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