Wednesday, November 26, 2014

ProGold ProLink and Xtreme Lube Tests

This past weekend I ran into ProGold Bikes Bruce at the Oak Ass 100/50 in Birmingham, Alabama.  He asked me to determine how long one application of lube would "last" on my bike.  How many miles can you go?  As I usually determine my time on the bike in hours rather than miles, I told him I would put the lubes through an official test.  Seeing as how I don't even go through 1 four ounce bottle in a year, I knew that the answer could potentially involve many training rides.

So today, I readied two bikes:  a road bike and my Niner Jet 9 RDO.  First, I cleaned each chain with a "new to me" ProGold product.  Chain Shine is a biodegradable citrus-based cleaner.

< 5 minutes to a chain as clean as a new one.

Just use a small paint brush to apply, let sit a few minutes, take a scrub brush, and voila!  And it won't harm your precious carbon bits.

The chain on my road bike after using Chain Shine.

And my mountain bike.

After drying, I applied ProLink to my road bike and Xtreme to my mountain bike.  Only 1 drop per link is all that is needed.

I will be keeping track of the hours (and miles) that I put on my steeds over the next month or two.  I will also make notes of the conditions that I ride in.  During this time I will not do any sort of cleaning to my drive train, but I may have to put some Bike Shine on the frame.  After all, I am a little OCD about keeping my bikes clean.  Once the drivetrain starts making noise or shifting becomes less than perfect, the test will be over.

Stay tuned ...

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