Friday, August 16, 2013

Chamois Butt'r Her Review

After 25+ hours saddle time in Idaho which included the Marathon XC Nationals in Sun Valley followed by 10+ hours in Pennsylvania prepping for and racing the XC Nationals in Bear Creek,  I have a real appreciation for the "Her" line of Chamois Butt'r.

Chamois cream of champions!

I first mentioned this product here.  Now that I have had many hours of ride time I am ready to step on my soap box.

Idaho was hot, dry, and dusty.  Pennsylvania was hot and humid.  Ride times in Idaho were 3-5 hours; I slathered on a generous two finger helping and did not need to re-apply.  Ride times in Pennsylvania were 1-3 hours.

My saddle contact points remained happy throughout ... no chafing, no sores.  Some say that this product is too thin and gets "sweated" away quickly.  Although the product may seem to have disappeared after an hour's saddle time, it continues to work albeit on a "microscopic" level.  The tea tree oil, aloe vera, and lavender oil all inhibit bacterial and fungal growth.  So even after my ride when I spent extra time in my chamois enjoying a soak in the cold mountain waters or consuming my recovery drink and chatting about the ride or the race course with my friends, Chamois Butt'r Her was keeping me protected.

Sure, there are "thicker" products on the market.  But they contain waxes, parafins, and heavy doses of lanolin, which are all difficult to wash out of your chamois.  I know from personal experience just how quickly it can destroy a chamois.

There are products out there that are comparable to Chamois Butt'r Her with regards to the ingredients, but they also come at a much higher cost.

My only complaint is that it is not offered in a tub.  Trying to get the last ounce or so from the tube is about as hard as herding cats.  But if you want an all natural product produced here in the good 'ol US of A, you really need to try this product.  It comes in an 8 ounce tube for $15 and in convenient 0.75 ml reapplication packets.

Thank you Paceline Products and Chamois Butt'r Her for being part of a magical formula that helped me to attain a 2nd place at Marathon Nationals and a 1st place at XC Nationals, both SS style!

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