Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Invitation Accepted

At last year's Chainbuster finale, James Stankowitz asked me to be on his SuperSport race team for 2013.  I had reservations, as I did not want to part ways with The Outdoor Store.  No worries there, as Bruce was o.k. with it and James said he would put the TOS logo on the team's cycling kits.  I was also concerned if my "tush" would accept a new pair of cycling shorts.  No worries there as well, as James handed me several pairs to try out with the idea that I would determine what worked best and he would custom build a pair of shorts around my "tush."

If you are not familiar with James, he was instrumental in the development of North West Georgia SORBA, the Snake Creek TT series, and has devoted countless hours to the care and maintainence of the Pinhoti trail system.  He is a super likable gentleman and has a heart of gold.  He is the owner of SuperSport, a new custom cycling clothing company.

The jersey James is wearing is by SuperSport

This past weekend the team met in the North Georgia mountains for a mini camp.  We ate, rode trails, and ate some more.  In between eating and riding, I got to learn more about my new team mates.

Jeff Clayton

Jeff is a retired Air Force F-16 pilot ... who still loves to to FAST!  And he excels in all distances.  He, along with Tyler, drug my single speed butt around the Ocoee Whitewater Center for 4 hours on Saturday.  A humble but fierce competitor.  And he can do some damage to a buffet!

Tyler Murch

Tyler is a mechanical engineering student who has no fear and loves adventure.  With a little fine tuning he will be one to watch out for.  He is an excellent colorer, staying in between the lines with ease.  He weakness is a hot fudge brownie with ice cream.  I will be teaming up with him on a Coed team for the Chainbuster series.

Ricky, Mike, and Tyler

Ricky is a NWGA SORBA member who has only been mountain biking for two years.  He has a great sense of humor and is a gentleman.  He is ruled by his little 4 pound chihuahua, Brownie.  Mike, also a NWGA SORBA member,  has been riding since 2000.  He is very quiet but you can tell he will dig deep for his team mates.

I am excited to be racing for a team.  I have lots to offer the team on nutrition and training.  And I hope to learn from my team mates as well.  Racing on a team will also offer that extra motivation that sometimes I need during my times of weakness, i.e. cold, dreary training rides, less than ideal racing conditions, and periods of self-doubt.

I am also excited to be instrumental in the development of a women's cycling short.  Too often I have tried on various brands that just did not fit.  My biggest complaint has always been chamois shape, thickness, and placement within the short.  Now my fanny is going to have input into chamois development and placement.  Now maybe I can design one that will not feel like a diaper.  It will cover what it needs to cover ... and no more.

If you are interested in a team or individual cycling kit made with excellent materials, no minimums, and 6 week turnaround times, please talk to James Stankowitz (is on FaceBook) or me.  He will bend over backwards to make sure you get what you want.

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