Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ergon Gloves HA2 Review

I have been wearing the Ergon full fingered HA2 gloves for about 2 months now.   They have 2 races (SSAZ and Taco Stand Classic) and multiple training rides in them.  They have been washed and dried at least 4 times.

The fit is spot on.  I wear a men's Medium in Specialized and Pearl Izumi.  The medium fit me perfectly. There was just enough wiggle room in the tips that when I flexed my fingers the tips of the gloves were not jammed up against my finger nails. The seams are so minimal and smooth that I can not feel them.  Even after multiple washings/dryings they did not shrink.

There is just enough ulnar padding to keep my nerves happy, yet it does not take away from my bike's feel.  I love the seam-free cuff ... there is no constriction.

I have worn these gloves in temperatures ranging from 45-70 degrees in dry conditions. Even though I have Reynaud's disease, my fingers stayed comfortably warm.

During racing, I never even thought twice about my gloves.  It felt like I was wearing nothing at all.  The last thing you want to happen during a race is to have a nagging issue with your equipment, i.e. pebble in your shoe, migrating chamois, noisy suspension.

This grip/glove combo has worked well for me.  It has made the bar an extension of my arms/hands. The longest period of time I have worn them is 6 hours and my hands were "happy" the whole time.

I would highly recommend them to anyone who likes a "minimalist" glove.  


Lindsay Hall-Stec said...

Slightly off-topic, but I'm curious, have you noticed any improvement in your Reynaud's since going absolutely, completely gluten-free?

Carey Lowery said...

Lindsey, I have had less occurrences this winter, but it has also been a milder one. I am hopeful that going GF has improved this condition. I still use toe warmers when temps are <40 degrees.