Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TNGA and Trips For Kids WNC

TNGA ... it is going to be brutal, no doubt about that.  With 350 miles and 56,000+ feet of climbing in 90 degrees and sweltering humidity, I am going to be in the pain cave more than I have ever been.  Along with attention to detail, fitness, and the ability to adapt, motivation is going to be the key to success.

During my recent bike packing recon, I learned that motivation will be my limiter.  Let's face it; I am a single track kind of gal.  Miles and miles of gravel road just does not grind my grits, especially when pedaling 40-45 pounds of bike and gear.

So I have decided to team up with Asheville local Stephen Janes and Trips for Kids WNC.  I met Stephen a few years ago at the Cohutta 100.  Since then our friendship has grown.  His love for kids is genuine and his devotion to the Trips For Kids program is overwhelming.

What better way to see our sport grow than to get kids involved.  And what better way to fuel my spirit through the mountains of the Chattahoochie National Forest than to know that I am racing for our future.  My goal is to raise $1000 in the weeks leading up to TNGA.

So please, sacrifice just one Starbuck's and donate $3.50 on my behalf.  That's only $.01/mile people!  Let the children keep my adrenalin flowing and not the sound of banjo music and Sasquatch calls.

A link is to the right. Please click on it!


Lisa said...

I'll give you a check tomorrow..for you and me both! Or perhaps I should hang it on a tree along the trail near the Alabama border to give you some motivation :)

I know you are a singletrack girl, but after a while all you'll care about is covering miles'll rejoice at the sight of pavement and inattentive drivers!

jpok & ruthless said...

Hey thats a good plan! Im the opposite i have
tons of motivation just not speed:-)
glad there r a few more girls this year, see u there!
Lisa-r u riding alone??i think i am.....