Saturday, February 26, 2011

Better Than Southern Cross ... for me

As much as I would love to race every weekend, that would be counter-productive to my training goals and motherhood.  So instead, Carly and I met up with Zeke at the Whitewater Center for a day of skills work and riding. 

I am Carly's training/racing partner and NOT her coach.  She listens/learns better from the non-parental units.  So I shut up for the first half and let Zeke have the floor ... or should I say the campsite.  Zeke worked with Carly at the Thunderock Campground for about 30-45 minutes.  Cone drills, board drills, and weaving in/out large rocks.

Zeke looks amazed that Carly is actually listening to him.  Probably because I do not!

Working on standing while riding over obstacles.

After a picnic lunch we then headed out on the Rhododendron Trail.  Nothing too technical or steep with a fairly wide path.  Needless to say there was still a danger element as one side of the trail dropped off to the Ocoee River below.  As we pedaled out to begin, Zeke's exact words to Carly were, "Be careful.  If you fall off the trail, you just might DIE!"  Thanks, Zeke.  The height and the steepness of this side cut trail did not bother Carly, but I think I was terrified for the first few minutes, ready to leap off my bike and catch Carly in mid-air should something happen.

One of the few spots on the Rhododendron Trail where falling didn't mean dying (according to Zeke).

At the Whitewater Center we piddled around a bit, giving Carly a brief respite.  The trail leading from the campground to the WWC is mostly uphill and with Carly's 22 pound, tall-geared (equivalent to 32-18 on a 29'r), bike with what seemed like 120mm crank arms, she needed to unload the lactic acid.

Skipping rocks.

This beats any $500 payout!

Today was fun, but without the pain.  I am so glad I did not race.  Spending time riding bikes with my daughter is priceless.  Zeke was an excellent coach and Carly gave him an "A."  She is progressing well. The best part, the part that made my heart warm with intensity was when Carly descended the last hill on the trail, she pedaled super hard, tucked down into position, and gave a great big, "Whoo hoo!" 

I can't wait for her new bike to arrive.  I am going to have Bruce upgrade it with a few parts:  DT Swiss 240s, SunRingle' rims, Magura brakes, SRAM shifters/derailleur, Thomson post/stem, Specialized carbon bar, and an XTR crank if I can find 165 mm crank arms.  This bike is gonna be SWEET! 


Emily said...

awesome!! go Carly!

Walter said...

Looks lie Carly is off to a great start with an excellent training staff. Whoo Hoo!

Sarah K said...

Very sweet!

Andrea said...

Don't you mean "$200 payout"? I think that's what 2nd place was, anyways...

Aimee Murphy said...

You are inspiring, Carey! I can't wait until I'm doing the same with my little one. ;)

Arleigh said...

I would love to have Zeke as my personal skills coach!