Thursday, October 7, 2010

Giving Back

This Saturday is the Rocky Raccoon 8 Hour race for which I signed up.  This is not a high priority race, but one that is fine tuning me for the Berryman Epic.  After I signed up, I started receiving quite a few e-mails from SORBA-Chattanooga about trail work days this same weekend. 

Guilt set in.  While I will be having fun, with a bit of suffering thrown in for good measure, a group of volunteers will be putting in hard hours laying the final stretches of trail at Enterprise South Nature Park.  I think the last time I did "official" trail work was several years ago at my local park.  None since then ...  Yeah, I have excuses:  work, family, training, but if everyone made excuses, there would be no trails.

I am now thinking I already know what my 2011 New Year's resolution will be.  But until then, I will continue to make donations to various groups.  I am committing now, that if I am blessed with a good race and am able to podium, I will donate a good portion of my winnings to the Raccoon Mountain trail building fund.

I know I am not the only racer in this boat, so if you are racing the Rocky Raccoon's Revenge 8 Hour, I challenge you to make the same commitment.

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Karen Rogers said...

Thank you very much Carey!