Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Day in the Life

I am back in the Pisgah Stage Race prep mode.  Coach had me do VO2 Max Intervals today.  I like this work out because it is one hell of a sufferfest, but it is over pretty quickly, and you feel like you really accomplished something.

Here is how they went:

#1:  This is not too bad.  Hmmm, maybe I am a bit stronger.  I feel like I could go all day at this wattage!
#2:  Can I take back what I previously stated?
#3:  Damn Coach for making me do those squats yesterday!
#4:  Ohhhhh......the burn!
#5:  I need a dog to start chasing me.  Come on, legs, don't leave me now!
#6:  Mama!

And now I get to go work for 10 hours, dodging pee and poop, smelling anal glands,  listening to incessant barking, and trying to be quicker than the dogs' clamping jaws.

I think I would rather do some more suffering at the hand's of my Coach.

1 comment:

Blackdog said...

Your coach is also doing the same thing to me. 6X4 minute zone 5 hill repeats with 3 minutes of recovery. I will probably donate a lung to the canyon road. Somehow I feel best on the 3rd interval and then every one there after makes want to ride off the edge to make the pain go away.