Tuesday, July 13, 2010

SERC Raccoon XC Race Report

 With doubts as how well I would do at my first XC race in 2 years ... and on a SS, I opted to compete in the singlespeed division.  Coach said it would be funner competing against the guys anyway.  And Carly wanted me to "girl" them all.  Carly and my friend Stefanie had come to watch and hang out.

At 9:30, the temperature was already 83 degrees and extremely humid.  My kind of weather.  The women's pro/expert started 2 minutes ahead of me.  Mmmm, carrots!  The start was 3/4 mile of pavement.  There were 13 singlespeeders and I entered the woods in 4th.  That surprised me as I was running an easier gear than the guys.  My legs were feeling sparkly and soon enough I caught up to the back of the women's field.  After passing several of them, I looked at my HR and decided I needed to slow down a bit or risk blowing up after 1 lap.

On the first lap, a couple guys in my field passed me, but on the second lap I passed them back as they struggled with the short punchy climbs in their harder gears.  Towards the end of the first lap, I managed to pass all the women save for Kim.  On the second lap, the hills were a bit tougher and I had to run two short sections.  However, I still felt strong and was less than a minute slower than my first lap.  I managed to pass the 2nd and 3rd SS'r with just a few miles remaining.

 I finished up with a time of 1:22:50, about 5 minutes slower than 1st but over a minute ahead of 3rd.  Not too bad for my first SS XC race.  Simple and fun.  All I had to do was pedal.  I definitely want to do a few more of these.

I love my Specialized 29'r SS Hardtail.  And that is coming from a racer who likes "cush."  Raccoon Mountain is a very rocky and technical trail.  After two laps, my back was still happy.  Light weight and super responsive at less than 20 pounds.

Stefanie has been taking a photography class, so after taking action pics, Carly helped her with the portrait pics.  Carly was a trooper out in the sweltering heat all day.  After the race she had the choice of ice cream or sushi.  Guess what she chose?  Man, sushi makes for a great post-race meal!


Emily said...

nice!!! awesome job Carey.
I am really looking forward to getting an SS this fall... plan to race it sometimes too (Snake Creek Gap for sure!)

Walter said...

Good job on the "old school" bike Carey!