Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two First's At One Time: Specialized SS 29'r

I first rode a 29'r earlier this year.  A friend had a Superfly so I gave it a try.  Other than a perfect fit, nothing much else impressed me.  At the end of the ride, my back was killing me and my thighs were tired from all the standing.

Fast forward to October, the end of my season.  After talking to my Coach and telling her how I felt quite weak with my top end power, she asked if I had ever thought about SS'ing.  Well, yeah, I said, but dismissed it because I thought it would cause my knees to blow out and kill my back.  Coach said it would help my top end and improve my fire road climbing.  So...

The next day I called Bruce and within a couple weeks placed an order!

Well, here she is ... 20.2 pounds and dying to be ridden.

I used an old XTR crank and Bruce did some customizing.

The headset cap is eccentric just like the bottom bracket.

A set of Specialized Captain's mounted to Stan's Race Wheels will make for a stable and speedy acceleration.

Specialized Toupe saddle is lightweight yet comfortable.  Rebecca Rusch got me hooked on this model and I have never looked back.

"What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger" and "Pain is just weakness leaving the body"  are thoughts that I have put on replay the past week as I get ready for my and her virgin ride.  It will be interesting to see what name comes to mind as I ride her this Saturday.

Thanks to The Outdoor Store, Specialized, Magura, Ergon, and Endless Bike Co. for making this happen.  (I may be cursing you before its all over!)


mandy said...

looks like a sweet bike Carey. honestly, riding SS has resulted in less knee and back pain for me and more strength. looking forward to reading your ride reports.

Lisa said...

Bummer, if u were riding Sunday I would have been able to join u. Don't worry, I rode up the Potatopatch climb from Gates Chapel on my SS 29er 4 days before I delivered Jayden, so I know you'll be fine :)

What gearing u running? 32x19 is a good place to start on a 29er...equivalent to about a 17 on a 26er.

Danielle Musto said...

Can't wait to hear about your first ride!!! It's an awesome looking bike!

EndlessBikeCo. said...