Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pumpkin Pie Time

For those who abstained from last year's holiday goodies (that would be me), now is the time to enjoy Mom's homemade treats. You see, while everyone else was partaking of pumpkin pie, I was wrapping my slices up in saran wrap and popping it into the freezer. Although there might have been a tear or two shed then, now there are tears of joy upon opening these delectable treats trailside.

This past week was a 3 day block of L3 tempo work-outs. One on asphalt and two on dirt. Zeke's wishes of long gravel grinders had come true. On Wednesday, with sweet temps, we pedaled the roads through McMinn and Monroe counties. We managed to get in a little over 4000 feet of climbing in 75 miles.

On Thursday, we headed over to Polk County and rode the Kimsey Mtn Loop: 5 hours, 51 miles and 6000 feet of climbing. It was a joy to refuel on pumpkin pie about 1/2 way through the ride. Although it was cloudy and cool and rain threatened the whole time, we were blessed to not have to pull out the rain gear.

On Friday, we rode part of the Cohutta 100 fireroad loop: 6 hours, 61 miles, and 7000 feet of climbing. Today was pumpkin cheesecake! At these slightly less than race efforts, it is nice to be able to enjoy solid food. For me, race days are all about gels, the only thing I am able to easily digest at high intensity. Once again, we managed to escape a deluge of rain ... only in the last hour did it rain lightly.

Next week is a repeat block of 3 days. I can hardly wait! More pumpkin pie and chocolate cake awaits!


Dave Harris said...

I recognize that training cycle! The binge in more ways than one. You two are going to be exciting to follow in TR this year. Enjoy that ride pie.

chocolate girl said...

Mmmmmm, chocolate (and pumpkin pie)! I'm secretly envious of your training, even though I don't train;-) Don't tell anybody I said that!

Anonymous said...

Get this ! We are in the second hour of a six hour ride and my best friend pulls out a slice of pie the size of a brick ! She knows all I have is Gu and four small Family Dollar cookies . The woman is killing me !!! NOTE : Carey makes the worlds best corn bread . --- Zeke