Thursday, February 5, 2009

6 Days and Counting

The wait is agonizing ... especially since I have had and continue to have some hard efforts planned for the road in 20+ degree weather. Ughh!

Next week Zeke and I are heading to sun shiny Florida for some warm weather and a fun ride, the Croom 50. It will be so nice to have just ONE layer, and perhaps even sleeveless jerseys.

Right now the forcast for Tampa is sunny with highs in the 70's.

I am so over this Michigan-style weather. This is Tennessee ... for God's sake!


Reenie said...

Hey! Tom and I will be at the Croom 50 too! It will be my first MTB ride in 7 weeks - hope I remember how... I'll keep my eye out for you guys.


Anonymous said...

Carey, if you and Zeke get the chance, go check out the trails at Loyce Harp over in Lakeland. A few of us went down there for the 6 hour race in Jan and the trails were SO much fun. Just don't fall in the green water unless you want to swim with the gators. ;)