Saturday, March 22, 2008

Forced Rest

The respiratory bug that I acquired during CRBC really hit me hard this week. What with long hours at work and wheezing/coughing when I would try to get my heartrate in the 150's, I decided to give my bike a rest.
I was excited to see our homegrown, hormone and antibiotic free, black angus arrive this week. Charlie's parents raise angus and each year they butcher a steer for us. It only costs us the kill bill, which, in this case equated to $.40/lb. So now I can work on improving my iron stores.
Tomorrow Stumpy and I are going to see how I fare riding the horse trails and fireroads on Starr Mountain. Looking forward to a sunrise start. Then the family is off to watch 10,000 BC. Carly is all about prehistoric animals. Don't think she will care too much about the love story though. Oh, well, isn't it all about special effects anyway?

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