Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Official

After 7 years of racing on Specialized bikes, I am officially racing for them in '08. Many thanks to Bruce Blevins of The Outdoor Store and Matt Shanly, the regional rep, for making this happen. I will still be racing "Pinky" and my carbon epic, but will be adding a Stumpy to my arsenal. Hopefully, with a lot of hard work and a little luck, I will improve upon my '07 performances.

In other news, Ergon, who sponsored me in '07, will continue through '08. I am eagerly awaiting a goody bag from Jeff.


Susan Haywood said...

You deserve it woman! You did great in 2007 and I look forward to seeing you at some of the endurance events. It sounds like you are on the right track with your riding this winter. Hug, Sue

Danielle Musto said...

Woo Hoo!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you.

That kind of rhymes.... :-)

Seriously, now e-mail me and let me know when you want me to come down and ride. I need to learn all of your singletrack skill secrets. Preferably BEFORE I have to race against you :-)

Carson said...

Nice work Carey! I will see you in Georgia in a week. Sue and Danielle you girls need to come race the Snake this winter.

Namrita O'Dea said...

CONGRATS!! And, well deserved, of course!

Unknown said...

Congrats! When I went to the 29er route, I sold my Stumpjumper to a friend. She's loving it. I admit I do miss it from time to time.

I will get to meet you at Heritage in March.