Saturday, October 6, 2007

Chasing Dog Intervals

So I decided to do a nice moderated paced recovery ride. I had lifted weights yesterday and needed to spin out the lactic acid and soreness in my legs. I rode a route that I had not done in about a year; mostly level, with a few rollers and one 2 mile climb. The first hour was easy enough. As I was beginning to loosen up I hit an area where in the past had been farm land but now was turned in to subdivisions. Just as I crested a small hill, a large dog gives chase. Boom! Up out of the saddle for a 100 meter sprint! The dog gave up and turned around. I settled back down at an even easier pace; legs were burning. I swear, after about 5 minutes, another dog gave chase! There I was, up out of the saddle again for another 100 meters. This scenario repeated itself 3 more times. My first thoughts were, "Damn dogs!" After the 5th interval and no accidents, I was like, "Hey, that was a pretty good workout!" I finished my ride with an easy paced cool down. I may have to consider this route as a routine workout. The dogs never tried to get close and bite my wheels; they tended to stay off the road and ran parallel to me. Just as long as I do not ride this every week, I think I can keep them from lying in ambush.

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